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Our Giveback

When Coalatree was founded in 2010, one of our goals was to give back to the environment and to our community. Those goals ring true today more than ever, and your support makes these programs possible. Here's what we're doing to make a difference.


We believe in supporting those who hold our lands sacred. In partnership with the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program, Coalatree is committed to distributing life-sustaining support to indigenous Navajo Elders. 10% of the sales of our headdress stickers will go directly to supporting a Navajo Elder in need.


“The Kachula blanket would be an amazing product to help the homeless stay protected & dry during harsh weather, use as a temporary shelter, or as a blanket or pillow.” -Chris Argyle, Kickstarter Backer

You spoke we listened!

We've teamed up with local nonprofits that are dedicated to helping the homeless via food pantries, clothing donations, and local advocacy. Surplus fabric from our Kachula blankets are repurposed into warm, waterproof blankets, and through that collaboration we've distributed hundreds of blankets to the needy.



We've partnered with local environmental groups to care for trails and wild spaces in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. The Coalatree team plus friends, family, and local supporters gather to build and maintain hiking and biking trails, remove graffiti from local climbing crags, remove trash and debris, and more. It's one small way we can protect our watersheds, spend time outdoors, and give back to the places we love.


As great as it is to be an urbanite, there is something missing in our lives when we ignore the pull of the great outdoors. Countless studies suggest that time spent in nature can actually rewire and change your brain for the better. We at Coalatree understand the healing, calming, and restorative powers of nature, and we support like-minded organizations that do the same.

Thanks to our loyal customers, Coalatree has been able to donate thousands of dollars in cash and gear to the Anasazi Foundation, a non-profit wilderness therapy program for youth. As they so eloquently put it, "the wilderness is not a harsh place to break youth down, but rather a safe place—a place free from distractions where one can learn, ponder, and build.”